Meal Plans

Build a Better Holiday Plate

Don't sacrifice your muscle gains this holiday season. Follow these tips to keep your physique on track.


The Rules

1. Eat your regular meals throughout the day.

Don’t skip breakfast to leave room for the large meal at night. Sumo wrestlers do exactly that – eat one or two meals a day and go to sleep. I’m sure you have the visual of your uncles going to the couch to nap after stuffing themselves. Having your regular meals throughout the day won’t leave you starving when the feasts come, preventing you from overeating.

2. Have one hell of a workout an hour or so before.

That way, even if you overeat, your body will store the excess calories as energy, not fat.

3. Choose wisely and make sure you have digestive enzymes at hand.

I would also suggest some type of glucose disposal herb like fenugreek, which helps your body and insulin deal with the elevated blood sugar.