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Microbiota Targeting For Testosterone Production

Eating prebiotic rich foods or supplementing with the probiotic L. reuteri at the right time may increase t-production.


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What if I told you that simply by targeting specific strains of bacteria in the gut you can increase your testosterone levels?

Not only is it possible, it is one possibility from an emerging universe of new outcomes via what the sciences are calling microbiota targeting. In fact, we have been doing it since 2009.

Before I touch on the specifics the really fascinating thing to understand is the specifics themselves are derived from a revolution in our foundational understanding of not just the nutritional sciences, but the biological sciences at large.

Let Science Be The Foundation

Over the last 7 years the foundations of much of what we believe to be true on a foundational level in biology and subsequently the nutritional sciences has quietly been under assault by an avalanche of new data about how the body and ultimately, biology itself operates.

In short, this revolution can be summed up as the end of "reductionism.”

Reductionism is the idea that we can explain things by reducing them to their smaller components or as the end product of simple things becoming more complex.

Writing in the New Atlantis Journal of Technology & Society, Stephen Talbott, senior researcher at the Nature Institute, sums up this revolution by saying, "... life does not progressively contract into a code or any kind of reduced 'building block'."

In short, our understanding of biology has reached the point where things can no longer simply be seen as the sum of smaller parts. The way to understand biology (and yes, ultimately food) is as an operational whole. It is as if biology operates from a top down instruction map. The same is true of food.