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Rock Hard Challenge 2014 Workout Month 1

You train hard. You eat right. But you’ve never done anything this hardcore. Get ready for our most intense Rock Hard Challenge ever.

Rock Hard Challenge 2014 Workout Part 1
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You train hard. You eat right. But you’ve never done anything this hardcore. Get ready for our most intense rock hard challenge ever. Your Before-and-after photos could net you more than $1,000 worth of supplements from MuscleTech and the chance to appear in Muscle & Fitness. But win or lose, if you follow this program for the full eight weeks, 
we promise that you’ll be in the shape of your life.

Every guy who’s been training for more than a couple of years is familiar with a few basic phases. They train to get strong, to get big, or to get lean. And when they’re focusing on one of these goals, they typically dedicate a good amount of time to each: 6-8 weeks of this, then 6-8 weeks of that, and so forth. It’s why you'll often see a ton of guys who are in pretty good shape—decent muscle size and strength and relatively lean—but very few guys who could be confused with physique competitors or fitness models. What separates an above-average physique from one that turns heads at every beach? It’s the perfect combination of exercises, that extra bit of intensity, and a diet that's dialed in to a point where you get everything you need and nothing that you don’t. Competitors can spend years honing their programs for peak condition, but you hold that program in your hands right now: The 2014 Rock Hard Challenge.

In this issue, you get Part 1: The first four weeks of workouts, and the first four weeks of your nutrition, with sample meal plans for training days and off days, and supplement recommendations. These first four weeks are more than a primer; since the entire program is only eight weeks in duration, you hit the ground running with heavy, high-volume circuit training and intense cardio sessions.

In the April issue we’ll deliver Part 2: the final four weeks of training and nutrition. The training gets even more intense, and the nutrition plan is going to be locked in super tight so you’ll be ready to hit the money pose in your triumphant “after” photo.

But before we get started, let’s go over the ground rules. First, grab a before photo of yourself holding this issue. You should be shirtless so we can see what kind of shape you’re in to start the program. Go to to submit your photo and officially enter the Rock Hard Challenge. Once there, you’ll also find instructional videos and tips so you can really attack the program and get the most out of it.

At the end of the eight weeks, take a shirtless after photo of your- self holding the April issue of Muscle & Fitness and go straight back to our website to submit the photo and complete your entry. Don’t waste any time! The contest will officially close shortly after the April issue is off newsstands. Once we’ve gone through all qualifying entries, we’ll pick a winner: The guy who achieved the best overall shape by the end of the contest while also demonstrating the most progress from Day 1.

We’d wish you luck, but what good is that going to do you? If you want to win the Rock Hard Challenge, you’d better be ready to out-work the competition. Now go get after it!

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