Rock Hard Diet Strategies Month 2: Boost Fat Loss

These custom nutrition guidelines show you how to include carb-rotating for amplified fat burning.


The second part of the Rock Hard Diet makes some changes to the nutrition program you’ve now been following for four weeks. The diet objectives of part 1 of the Rock Hard Challenge outlined a high-protein, moderate-carb regimen with a small reduction in calorie intake. During part 2, you’ll reduce calories a little bit more, but most important, you’ll begin a carb-rotating strategy, taking in fewer carbs for four days, then dramatically increasing carbs every fifth day.

After a few weeks of dieting, your body begins to reduce its metabolic rate (the number of calories you naturally burn)— this makes it harder to keep shedding body fat at the same rate. The solution is to reduce carbs and calories a little bit more, so that you remain in a calorie deficit that encourages your body to tap into body fat for energy. Then, every fifth day, you increase carbs, taking in up to four times the amount you’ve been consuming on your baseline days.

This surge in carbs and calories has two benefits: (1) It re-feeds your muscles, allowing you to feel less depleted and lethargic while training, so that you continue to get great results from both your weight training and cardio workouts; and (2) it boosts your metabolic rate. Taking in these calories and carbs after a period of deficit signals your body to boost the number of calories it burns every day. Ultimately, pairing a higher metabolic rate with a lower-calorie intake creates a greater deficit, so you burn more fat.