The Rock Keeps His Training Low Key and Intense

Dwayne Johnson doesn't humor showoffs and chit chat while at the gym.


It can be tough enough getting through your workout routine in a timely way without all the gym distractions. Dwayne Johnson's solution? Just keep it low key. While Olympia Weekend was in full swing, the People's Champ offered some more advice (and a quick training video) on his heralded Instagram account.

"No training in front of crowds and definitely no bullshit chit chat in the gym," Johnson says in the post. "We keep it low key and intensely push (and pull) thru barriers to get better ... [And] find a buddy who's willing to get on the floor to capture the dope camera angle."

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If anyone knows how to stay focused, it's the Rock. There's no way he could keep his insanely busy schedule humming along without some strict guidelines. A versatile training buddy helps too!