The Science Behind Setria®

Boost your glutathione levels for better performance and health with Setria® Glutathione and Setria® Performance Blend.

The Science Behind Setria
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Setria® Glutathione and citrulline boost and sustain NO production.

Citrulline is an amino acid that has been demonstrated by research to increase NO production. NO is a gas molecule that encourages blood vessels to relax, allowing greater flow of blood to reach working muscle tissue. This means you’ll get an influx of oxygen and other nutrients while you’re training, allowing for greater strength and performance, leading to better long-term success. When using citrulline with glutathione, glutathione prevents NO degradation as an antioxidant and forms GSNO that acts as a NO donor, which contributes to keeping NO levels high. Research shows that combining citrulline and Setria® Glutathione sustains NO production more than either alone. This helps you foster better workouts and gains.

Setria® Performance Blend, containing Setria® Glutathione and citrulline, has been formulated to maximize these benefits by helping to sustain NO levels, providing an edge to athletes.

Science Behind Setria®

*p<0.05, vs Control

A combination of L-Citrulline (CIT) and Setria supplementation significantly increased NO levels in HUVECs.

Science Behind Setria®

*p<0.05, vs Placebo

One week of daily oral supplementation with 200 mg of Setria and 2 g of L-Citrulline enhanced NO levels at 30 min post-exercise.


  • Athletes: Intense training boosts free radicals, increasing your body’s need for glutathione.
  • The aging: Glutathione levels naturally decrease as one ages, particularly after 40.
  • Drinkers and smokers: These stressors reduce glutathione levels.
  • Overweight: Those who are overweight have decreased glutathione levels.
  • Virtually everyone else. Boosting glutathione levels is a great choice for a longer, healthier life.


The best ways to increase your glutathione level through diet is to emphasize fresh meats, fruits and vegetables. In addition, look for supplemental forms to make certain you aren’t low on glutathione, including products that contain Setria Performance Blend or Setria Glutathione. Both of these contain the L-glutathione form, which has been clinically studied, demonstrating an increase in blood glutathione levels and support of the immune system. Both versions of this product are pure and safe, containing no additives, artificial flavors or preservatives. These Setria products are manufactured using a patented fermentation process, and they are Kosher, GMP-compliant and allergen free. You can find Setria Performance Blend and Setria Glutathione in many of your favorite products. Find out which ones here.

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