Leg Exercises

7 Wheel-Blasting Leg Workouts

Serious total-body change starts with your legs. Try one of these widowmaker routines to get your quads and hams on the grow.


The majority of the population is quad dominant. Basically this means that their posterior chain isn't up to snuff like it should be, which can lead to imbalances and injury. So this workout will focus on your backside. But don't worry about your quads not getting enough attention – they’ll still get plenty of work here.

Exercise                                                          Sets/Reps (or Distance)

Deficit Deadlift                                                 4-5/6-8

-superset with-1

Reverse Lunge                                               4-5/6-8 (per leg)

1 ¼ Barbell Squat (Heels Elevated) 3        3-4/6-8

-superset with-1

Lying Leg Curl 4                                           3-4/6-8

Prowler Sled (Low Handles)                     2-3/30 yards 2

Prowler Sled (High Handles)                   2-3/30 yards 2

1 Rest 45-60 seconds between exercises in this superset. Rest three minutes after all sets are complete.

2 Rest 90-120 seconds between sets.

3 Squat down then come up ¼ of the way and pause for two seconds. Drop down to the bottom once more and squat all the way to the top position. This constitutes one rep.

4 Angle your feet out on all sets.

Why It Works: The focus on your posterior chain lends itself to strength and functionality throughout your entire range of strength, physique and performance goals. If you lack the mobility to a deficit deadlift – a deadlift done on a small platform where the weights can travel below the level of your feet – simply do it from the floor. With the proper intensity this workout will leave you on the ground begging for mercy and breathing harder than ever. “Proper intensity” is marked by a set challenging enough where you are at or near failure at the rep range listed. Same thing with the prowler: make those 20 or 30 yards an extremely hard working set with next-to-nothing left in the tank. And, of course, make sure to refuel your body afterwards. You want your recovery optimal. Wait one week then try this workout again but increase the weights across the board.

Phil Gephart, MS, CSCS, is a certified personal trainer and owner of Newport Fit4Life in Newport Beach, Calif. A former professional basketball player, his CHEK & PICP certifications are recognized as the top in the world in the holistic, corrective exercise approach as well as preparing athletes for competition.