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DJ Brendan Fallis' kickass bodyweight travel workout

The Insta-savvy globetrotter (and all-around ripped dude) shares his favorite workout playlist, must-visit cities, and go-to tactics for staying lean on the road.

Brendan Fallis with wife Hannah Bronfman
Brendan Fallis/Instagram
Brendan Fallis/Instagram
Duration 25
Exercises 6
Equipment Yes

For Brendan Fallis, staying lean is a lifestyle—one that he's perfected whether he's at home or traveling around the world.

We caught up with the ever-stylish influencer ahead of his set at Imperial Companies' "Tuesdays at Henry Hall" event to glean his top tips and tricks. Here's how Fallis stays fit on the road.

Men's Fitness: What are your favorite hacks for staying fit while traveling?

Brendan Fallis: I'm big into "exercise snacking"—getting small workouts in multiple times per day. Doing some pushups, lunges, squats, or dips after waking up and before bed.

If you have a hotel gym it's simple to slip in a proper workout. In addition to that, walking cities, bike share, or going for a jog are great. There are always plenty of activities to embark on that are physically taxing.

Do you seek out workout classes when you travel? Any favorite studios?

I'm not a huge advocate of workout classes, but that's solely because I'm wired as a self-motivator. I enjoy classes, but tend to just set out on my own. That being said, I do drop into Mile High Run Club quite often during the winter because I don't enjoy running in cold temperatures. I'm also quite loyal to S10 Training founder Stephen Chuek and BFX Studio trainer Kira Stokes [in NYC].

Do you pack any carry-on-friendly workout gear with you?

I bring a jump rope with me on every trip. Being able to get a solid cardio workout done in your hotel room is key. I mix that with bodyweight exercises. I also bring fish oil and some travel protein packs to mix with water post-workout. Since I only carry-on, I keep things pretty light.

What's on your workout playlist right now?

  1. Any/all remixes by "The Him"
  2. Bodak Yellow – Cardi B
  3. Pretty Waste – Bones
  4. Plain Jane – A$AP Ferg
  5. All Night (Kaytranada Remix) - Chance the Rapper

What does your everyday diet look like?

Lately I've been on a keto diet kick. I find the research pretty interesting, so I'm giving it a shot. I'm two weeks in (minus a pizza in Italy on Sunday...gotta live) and feeling pretty good: lots of energy and the meal plan is quite easy, even when eating out. I'm planning to keep it up for a while, and assess myself along the journey.

What are the top three fittest cities you've ever visited?

  1. New York reigns No.1 for me, as it's always pushing the limits of thoughts, techniques, and trends.
  2. Vancouver is a fantastic city for fitness. There's lots of outdoor space, tons of healthy eating, and it's a very active community with biking, hiking, running, and outdoor sports.
  3. Hong Kong is just getting into the fitness studio world but there's a great gym community there, and food is getting quite healthy. You can also run up the mountain to get a beautiful view of the city, and there are a ton of hikes and beaches within close driving distance.

What are your favorite ways to stay lean and athletic?

Full-body conditioning in the gym with a mixture of weight and bodyweight exercises. High reps tend to be more common for me, but I like to mix it up. Running once a week is key—track sprints or distance, but never longer than six miles. Eating is the most important of all, though. It's the most difficult for me, and takes the most mental commitment. That and water consumption. I try to drink three liters a day, but it remains a constant challenge.

How do you like to work out with your wife (Hannah Bronfman)?

We love going to Mile High Run Club together, and have recently started going to the track together. We also do some weekend circuit training.

How do you recommend we tackle this workout?

I don't usually warm up, as it's all bodyweight and cardio—just start a little slower before bringing up the intensity.

Complete five circuits total. Do 20 reps of each exercise (three minuntes for jump rope), with 30 seconds of rest between sets.

After the workout, it's a good idea to stretch out your lower back, shoulders, and hip flexors for five minutes.

Stay lean on the road (or on a boat) DJ Brendan Fallis' bodyweight travel workout (do 5 rounds)

Exercise 1.

Walking Lunge You'll need: Dumbbells How to
Walking Lunge  thumbnail
5 sets
20 reps
30 sec. rest

Exercise 2.

Bodyweight Squat You'll need: No Equipment How to
Bodyweight Squat thumbnail
5 sets
20 reps
30 sec. rest

Exercise 3.

Plank You'll need: No Equipment How to
Plank thumbnail
5 sets
20 reps
30 sec. rest

Exercise 4.

Pushup How to
Pushup  thumbnail
5 sets
20 reps
30 sec. rest

Exercise 5.

Situp You'll need: No Equipment How to
5 CrossFit Workouts You Can Do With Only Dumbbells thumbnail
5 sets
20 reps
30 sec. rest

Exercise 6.

Jump Rope You'll need: Jump Rope How to
Jump Rope thumbnail
5 sets
3 mins. reps
30 sec. rest