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Today's Workout 132: The 15-minute circuit that'll leave you on the floor

This quick-hit routine packs a serious fat-burning and strength-building punch.

Man Does Dumbbell Snatch Exercise
Duration 15
Exercises 3
Equipment Yes

Skipped a workout this week? Or maybe you're feeling like your regular routine just isn't cutting it when it comes to giving you a challenge? Either way, this high-intensity routine is your solution.

This high-intensity workout may only be 15 minutes long, but—if properly attacked—it'll leave you drenched in sweat and on your way to building strong, lean muscle. Start off with single-arm kettlebell thrusters, which are surprisingly difficult and require a ton of endurance. Sumo squats will hit your legs hard, and likely from a different angle than you're used to hitting. Finish that out with some classic pushups—make sure your form stays perfect—and it's on to the next round.


You'll do this workout as a circuit, meaning you'll complete each exercise consecutively without rest. Repeat the entire circuit as many times as you can for 15 minutes.

Depending upon your ability, you may shorten or lengthen the rest periods between circuits. You may also complete more or fewer rounds.

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Today's Workout 132 The 15-minute circuit that'll leave you on the floor (Complete as many rounds as possible)

Exercise 1.

Single-Arm Kettlebell Thruster You'll need: Kettlebells How to
Man does single-arm kettlebell thruster exercise thumbnail
-- sets
5 (each side) reps
0 sec. rest
Use a dumbbell.

Exercise 2.

Sumo Squat You'll need: No Equipment How to
Sumo Squat thumbnail
-- sets
15 reps
0 sec. rest

Exercise 3.

Pushup How to
Pushup  thumbnail
-- sets
25 reps
As needed rest