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Today's Workout 54: The 2-move routine to get a shredded core and burn fat fast

Fit this quick-fire workout into your weekly regimen to sharpen up your arms, abs, and quads.

Today's Workout With Mike Simone: Two-Move Routine For Upper-Body Mass
Duration 30-45
Exercises 2
Equipment Yes

Two moves. One piece of equipment.

Whip your entire body into shape with this no-nonsense routine that has two absolutely brutal core exercises—the barbell landmine rotation and mountain climbers. Incorporate 10 rounds of this muscle-pounding circuit (if you can even complete that many) into your routine, and you'll build serious size in your biceps, abs, obliques, shoulders, and legs.


You'll do this workout as a circuit, meaning you'll complete each exercise consecutively without rest. Once you've finished all exercises, rest for 30 seconds. Repeat the entire circuit for 5 to 10 rounds.

Depending upon your ability, you may shorten or lengthen the rest period. You may also complete more or fewer rounds.

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Today's Workout 54 The 2-move routine to build extreme muscle (do 5-10 rounds)

Exercise 1.

Barbell Landmine You'll need: Barbell How to
Barbell Landmine  thumbnail
-- sets
10 reps
0 sec. rest

Exercise 2.

Mountain Climber You'll need: Medicine Ball How to
Mountain Climber thumbnail
-- sets
20 reps
30 sec. rest
Perform this exercise using a pair of dumbbells, as shown in the video.