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Today's Workout 55: The 30-minute workout to shred your core

Carve rippling six-pack abs fast with this three-move, half-hour routine.

Today's Workout With Mike Simone: Shred Your Core With These Simple Moves
Duration 30-45
Exercises 3
Equipment Yes

It's time for your nagging set of love handles or pudgy stomach to meet the medicine ball—and it's time to kiss that extra fat goodbye.

This workout will sculpt an impressive set of abs—and help you burn more fat—with just three straightforward exercises. Forget crunches and situps ad nauseam. We're talking medicine ball Russian twists, reverse crunches, and medicine ball mountain climbers—three wickedly tough core exercises that will not only target your obliques and abs, but also build a body that's ready for anything.


You'll do this workout as a circuit, meaning you'll complete each exercise consecutively without rest. Once you've finished all exercises, rest for 30 seconds. Repeat the entire circuit for 4 to 6 rounds.

Depending upon your ability, you may shorten or lengthen the rest period. You may also complete more or fewer rounds.

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Today's Workout 55 (do 4-6 rounds)

Exercise 1.

Medicine Ball Russian Twist You'll need: Medicine Ball How to
Medicine Ball Russian Twist  thumbnail
-- sets
10 (each side) reps
0 sec. rest

Exercise 2.

Reverse Crunch You'll need: Resistance Band How to
Reverse Crunch  thumbnail
-- sets
20 reps
0 sec. rest

Exercise 3.

Mountain Climber You'll need: Medicine Ball How to
Mountain Climber thumbnail
-- sets
20 reps
30 sec. rest
Perform this exercise using a medicine ball, as shown in the video.