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Ultimate Starter's Guide 2014: Part II

Have your 2014 gains hit a wall? Use these 13 strategies to stay the course and keep the gains coming.

10) Pace Yourself

When getting started—or getting back into it—it’s easy to let zeal overtake you. Because progress is rapid in many cases, it’s understandable that you would want more, faster. This can shatter both your will and your body, leaving you worse off down the road.

“I see terrible form in gyms all the time,” MacIntyre says. “And you don’t need to do something just because some- one else is. Building your body is a slow process. Don’t rush it.”

11) Revisit Motivations

Greg Chertok, M.Ed., C.C.- A.A.S.P., sport psychology consultant at Telos Sport Psychology Coaching (, suggests you reevaluate your original motivators from time to time.

“Research suggests that intrinsically motivated exercisers experience more positive effect than those who are extrinsically motivated,” he says.

12) Don’t Skip the Small Stuff

A group of activities, collectively known as pre-hab, can help keep you injury-free. Research shows that dynamic warm-ups—which focus on range-of-motion activities
like arm circles, knee hugs, and jumping jacks—are more effective than static stretching. Foam rolling has also been shown to increase mobility and circulation.

13) Branch Out with Supplements

If you’ve been forgoing supplements to this point, now is the perfect time to start. Optimum Nutrition’s pre-workout supp, simply called Platinum Pre-, is a basic blend of aminos and stimulants that can immediately add intensity and focus to your workouts. The tandem of 100% Whey Gold Standard and 100% Casein Protein rep- resent two of the purest forms available today.

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