Many of you have already made it to the second and final month of the 2012 Rock Hard Challenge. For those of you who have, a big congratulations on making it to the halfway point of the and for the results that you have already experienced. You are likely noticing a big drop in the amount of body fat your body holds while also seeing muscle definition that you may have never realized you had. These results will only get even better as you continue through month 2.

Regardless of where you are in the 2012 RHC program, one thing is certain – the workouts are BRUTAL. I am writing this blog after just finishing the RHC leg workout. I can barely sit up in my chair and type on my laptop. I am completely drained. But as I sit here drinking my post-workout shake to refuel my body and writing to you, I have never felt better. And I bet you know the exact feeling that I’m talking about. Not only is there a great feeling of accomplishment after completing each and every brutal workout of the 2012 RHC, but there’s also the feeling of satisfaction that comes from knowing that you have won yet another battle in this 8-week war on body fat. After all, you can practically feel the fat melting off of your body during and after each RHC workout.

Jim Stoppani: Follow the RHC Program and Get the Results You Deserve!

A lot of guys, and girls (I know that there are also many females following the 2012 Rock Hard Challenge), claim that they want to change their body to build more muscle and lose more body fat. (Check out my body shot at the end of week 2 – the fat is melting right off!). Yet few have the fortitude to actually do something about it. And even those who are motivated to workout consistently often fail to see any real impressive results.

You know those guys you see in the gym day after day, year after year, consistently training yet never dropping any appreciable body fat or building any real impressive muscle size and strength. The 2012 RHC puts you in a league of your own by providing you two of the most critical components to making real progress in the gym: 1) a plan, and 2) workouts that take you out of your comfort zone.

Those guys you see in the gym who never make any noticeable progress have falling into the all too common rut that most lifters fall into. They go to the gym and do the same workouts over and over again and never really push themselves to their limits. The 2012 RHC takes you through a step-by-step plan that is guaranteed to produce results. And the type of results you see all depends on how far you are willing to push yourself through these workouts. Yes, there is a lot of pain and discomfort during the RHC workouts . . . if you are doing them correctly. The further you can push yourself through the pain barrier the greater the results you will see. When you’re sucking wind from the cardioacceleration with your muscles on fire from the high rep sets and you feel you can’t go on . . . go ahead and stop . . . if you’re satisfied with the physique you currently have. But if you really want to see some serious changes in yourself, you better find it in yourself to continue.

I know it’s not easy! I am currently going through this with you. Hell, if it were easy, everyone would be walking around with the body of an M&F cover model. But the only ones who do have that coveted body are those who are willing to push themselves far beyond their comfort zone barrier and gut it through intense workouts day after day while eating properly to build the muscle and burn the fat. You are one of the few who are willing to do this and your prize will be having that body that others covet. So keep up the amazing job you have been doing. Enjoy the satisfaction you get from completing each and every RHC 2012 workout and your reward of a leaner, more muscular body will be there at the end. I can’t wait to see your results!

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