Over the years, we’ve had many readers follow the Rock Hard Challenge to a T – never missing a workout, eating clean everyday for the entire program – and experience great results. Ideally, that’s the way to do it. But life being what it is (unpredictable), there’s a good chance you’ll miss a day here and there or have an “off” day from the prescribed diet. It happens. Get over it. Rest assured, you won’t be instantly disqualified from the RHC.

The key is to not let one day off from the gym turn into two or three days on hiatus, or one daily food binge morph into a week-long bender. Eat like crap on a Friday night out with your buddies? Don’t beat yourself up about it. Get right back on track Saturday morning with a great breakfast and continue on with the program.

One of the biggest pitfalls I see with people who are unsuccessful in their fitness endeavors is letting one week away from the gym turn into three weeks away, which then turns into three months of inactivity, and so on. If you fall off the wagon, hop right back on. Even the fittest guys in M&F have learned this lesson the hard way many times.

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