MHP is recognized as the leader in performance nutrition supplementation for bodybuilders and countless other athletes, but what does this have to do with NASCAR? A great deal, as it turns out! In today’s world of stock car racing, strength, speed and agility are key to winning races – both behind the wheel and on Pit Row. That’s why MHP and X-FIT have stepped up as the official supplements of the drivers and pit crews of Front Row Motorsports.

Imagine lifting an 85 lb. wheel or bulky 100 lb. gas canister with incredible speed and precision, or jacking up a 3,400 lb. car in 3 seconds. For the Pit Crews of Front Row Motorsports, these are the tasks they must perform as fast as possible with amazing consistency each weekend at the track. But how do these athletes train to be fast and powerful for every pit stop? It’s all about high intensity cross-training . . . and MHP’s X-FIT Stack of supplements.

To help build the most effective Pit Crews for drivers David Ragan (#34) and David Gilliland (#38), MHP created the X-FIT Pit Crew Challenge. The Challenge pits the two 6-man teams against each other in bench press strength, 40 yard dash speed, vertical jump and bodyfat composition, plus weekly pit times on NASCAR tracks around the country. Both Pit Crews will be scored at the end of each month for the full 19 race season, plus the 10 races of the Chase for the Cup.

CHECK BACK WEEKLY to follow the progress of the Pit Crew Challenge, where the two squads are vying for cash prizes and the title of “X-FIT Pit Crew of the Year!”

Crew Info

David Gilliland #38 Car

The “Wolf Pack” has been working Pit Road together for nearly five years. Operating like a well-oiled machine under Crew Captain and jackman Ike Sneed, the team is off to a great start for the 2012 NASCAR season. And with a new emphasis on strength training and MHP supplementation, the crew is getting bigger, stronger and faster than ever!

David Ragan #34 Car

When David Ragan joined Front Row Motorsports this year, the company put out a wide net to recruit some of the best pit men in the business. Will Sturgill was brought in as Captain of the newly assembled team, which has gelled quickly. Thanks to their hard training in the gym and MHP X-FIT products, their pit prowess on the track has skyrocketed!

Crew stats

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