Watch: Matt Hardy Gets Nine Stitches In Aftermath of 'Great Balls of Fire'

The veteran superstar took the injury in stride (WARNING: graphic images).


When you're in a WWE ring for 30 minutes, things are bound to get hairy. And Matt Hardy found this out the hard way.

At the end of The Hardy Boyz' 30-Minute Ironman Match against Cesaro and Sheamus during WWE's Great Balls of Fire, Hardy received a massive gash above his right eye, leading to a bloodied face (or "The Crimson Mask," as it's known in the WWE world).

After the match, WWE's medical team administered nine stitches to close the wound, as you can see for yourself in the video above.

Hardy also showed off the injury in a gleefully demented fashion on social media (NOTE: Please be aware that these are graphic images):

Hardy's opponent, Sheamus, suffered a similar injury a few months ago and was able to return to the ring shortly afterward, so chances are high that Hardy will be back on Raw this week, stitches and all.