12 Phrases That Drive Women Absolutely Crazy

Comments that will make her instantly angry, as explained by brutally honest female comedians.

12 Phrases That Drive Women Absolutely Crazy

[Photo Credit Jesse Scaturro]

"You wanna watch a movie?" 

“I love movies. But come on, we all know what that means! 'You wanna watch a movie?' translates to 'Let’s bone.' Most sentences uttered by men can be translated to 'You wanna f---?' Sure, let’s bone but you said we could watch my favorite movie! You can't ask a movie lover to watch a movie unless you plan on finishing the flick. You better be a real good fella if you're going to interrupt Good Fellas.”
-Jessimae Peluso, comedian and star of MTV’s Girl Code [pictured above]

“You look tired.”

“This makes me irate! (And I never say that word!) This is never okay! No one ever wants to hear that, especially a girl. We already have enough problems trying to keep things sucked and tucked in all day let alone you telling us we look like we didn't sleep well. Yeah, yeah, I am tired. I'm busy walking my dogs, writing a book, touring the country, putting on acrobatic lingerie, and posing for you all while you make yogurt commercials. (That was my fake fight with boyfriend John Stamos.)”
-Jessimae Peluso

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