Date Her or Dump Her?

How do you know when to take it from “seeing each other” to officially official? Here, 10 solid ways to tell if she’s long-term relationship material.

Date Her or Dump Her?

3. You think she’s legit cool. If you can’t name half a dozen non-physical reasons she’s a cool human being, it ain’t gonna last. The spark is legit, but all fireworks fizzle with time. If you know her, and would actually want to hang out with her while not horizontal, you can bet she’ll make a good girlfriend. “Infatuation and chemistry are important initially, but if you fall into the trap of being in an instant relationship, it can crash and burn after a month or so,” says Spira. “Take your time and enjoy getting to know each other.”

4. Her wardrobe isn’t exclusively tight and shiny. You do want to be able to bring her home to mom eventually, right? And you don’t want every guy in town to be ogling her, right? “Going out in public with a dress that fits like a blouse won’t score any points for long-term potential,” Spira says. “If you can bring her to an office party without being embarrassed, you’ll be able to bring her home to your family.” Keep that in mind.

5. She’s honest—even when it’s not easy to hear. Your future girlfriend shouldn’t ever feed you a line of BS. You may wish she was into your new mustache-thing or cared about football, but it’s best if she fesses up to the contrary. “If she doesn't tell you the truth, or the whole truth, and her stories just don't add up, it’s a total deal-breaker,” says Frances. If she’s not honest about the little things, she may not be honest about the biggies either.

6. You feel amazing chemistry with her. You get each other’s jokes. You have complementary personalities. You find her crazy-attractive—and that attraction grows, not fades. If that sounds about right, then she’s GF-material. If you think she’s just meh, then do yourself a favor and do her a favor. “Life is too short to be with a woman who doesn't rock your nation,” says Frances. Points for trying to look beyond the glitzy wow-factor, but the best of both worlds does exist. Move on.

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