How to Date a Woman Who Makes More Money than You

If you're in a relationship with a woman who has the power, financially, you might feel emasculated. Here's how to navigate this situation without breaking the bank, or breaking up.

How to Date a Woman Who Makes More Money than You

1. Be honest about your insecurities

Don't let financial differences become the elephant in the relationship. If it bothers you that she always wants to go to fancy restaurants and expects you to pay, say something. "It may not be the politically correct thing to say, but it's so much better to just be real and acknowledge any weirdness up front," says Esther Boykin, a licensed marriage and family therapist.

2. Don't try to keep up

"The financial issues come up right away; men have to assume that they're paying for the first couple of dates," Savoy says. "If you've planned an evening you can't afford just to impress her, consider making different plans." Don't let pride or embarrassment turn into excess spending and anger. Just because she wears thousand dollar shoes doesn't mean you have to. If she really wants you to dress a certain way, she will buy the items for you as gifts, but if she cares that much about your clothes, consider whether or not her priorities are in order. "Trying to keep up with her lifestyle can lead to resentment in the end," Boykin warns.

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3. Split the bill

While this is not OK during the first few dates, once you are in an established relationship, it is safe to consider. When moving in together, "fairness is key to successful cohabitation. Each person should pay an equal percentage of their income," says Judith A. Swack, Ph.D., healthy-relationship specialist at the Boston Center for Adult Education. And if she wants to do an activity that is out of your price range, Swack says to discuss the problem. "If she still has her heart set on it, swap out a future activity that you had in mind. Or if she offers, let her treat you or pay for her own share."

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