How to Date a Woman Who Makes More Money than You

If you're in a relationship with a woman who has the power, financially, you might feel emasculated. Here's how to navigate this situation without breaking the bank, or breaking up.

How to Date a Woman Who Makes More Money than You

4. Resist retail 

Thoughtfulness goes a long way, it also helps you save money. "A tight budget makes room for creativity when it comes time to give gifts or plan outings, and women care much more about the thought than the cost," Boykin says. "If she loves weekend trips to tropical paradises, turn your apartment into a beach shack and whip up some fruity umbrella drinks."

5. Stay manly

Just because she's banking, doesn't mean you should be a baby—or a burden. "Take the lead and play a traditional male role in the relationship in other ways, like planning dates and opening doors," says Jennifer Kelman, author of Becoming a Female Entrepreneur: Simple Strategies to Make It Happen and a relationship expert for This includes being a decision maker, says Brooke Carsner, a professional matchmaker at Intuitive Matchmaking. Take the reigns, and don't sulk. "A successful woman wants someone who can help her celebrate her success, not someone whom she has to defend it to." If she seems to like the idea of stripping you of your manhood, well, you have to decide whether or not you are into that sort of thing.

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6. Don't settle for less

Just because your bank account isn't the same size as hers does not mean she can treat you like the help. Standards and care do not equate to dollars and cents. "Money can buy a lot of things, but it is never a substitute for respect," Boykin says. "If the person you are with translates financial power to relationship power--always calling the shots and making unilateral decisions just because she's paying—then it might be time to say goodbye."

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