How to Play the Dating Field

Not ready to settle down? There's a way to play the field without being a dog.

How to Play the Dating Field

No Double Standards Allowed

As the old saying goes: “What’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.” You don’t get to call “fowl” if you find out a girl you are non-exclusively dating is non-exclusively dating you. (Hint: If it bothers you to the point of madness that one of your ladies is seeing other men, you may be closer to monogamy than you think.)

Don’t Poke Where You Eat

Dating multiple partners in the microcosm of your employment biosphere or local after-work habitat can lead to an unsafe imbalance in the environment. Again, in theory, women may agree to be members of your far-flung tribe of lovers, but proximity breeds territoriality, and has the potential to put your sex life, your happiness, your safety and your sanity on the endangered species list.

Be Scrupulous About Safer Sex

Really, do we even have to remind you about this one? Protect yourself and protect others. A) It’s the right thing to do, and B) karma a way of hunting bad dogs down. While the justice she metes out may be the stuff that drives cable TV plotlines, in real life, “shameless” behavior just ain’t that funny.