You’ve just annhilated your WOD and you’re feeling damn near invincible—and looking huge. With all these feel-good chemicals coursing through your blood and all your blood pumping up your muscles, it’s hard to resist the temptation to snap a shirtless selfie. After the fact, though, have you thought about how women perceive pictures like this?

Based on our poll, whether you send that selfie to a few choice friends or post it for all your social media followers to see makes a marked difference to women. See what they had to say.

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“Save any shirtless pics that show off your body for outdoor outings with your buddies. I’d much rather see a pic of you at the beach or showing off your abs at the top of a mountain after hiking than under the fluorescent lights of a gym bathroom.” – Erica B. 

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“I’d say nay if you’re posting it to social media. It’s just too show-boaty. I’d say it’s okay if you’re just showing off to your girl.” – Mary O.

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“If a guy’s doing a competition or trying to lose a massive amount of weight, posting on social media can help him stay accountable and keep him motivated. I’ve seen some people make separate accounts for all their fitness pics and posts, which is great. At the end of the day, it is your social media account, so if you wanna post selfies, then have at it.” – Jessica S. 

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“Never okay. You should be clanking weights, not snapping pics.” – Nickole M.

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“Ugh, never. Unless we’re dating and he sends me them as a cute joke.” – Christina W.

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“Nay—never okay. ” – Heather A.

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“I’m okay with a progress pic here and there—but no duck faces. Cocky ‘check out my gym bod’ selfies from guys is the biggest turn off.” – Lauren N.

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“Never post a gym selfie on social media. It’s a little douchey. I feel like a Snapchat is okay and can be funny, though.” – Liz C. 

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“Normally no, but I wouldn’t have an issue if it was occasional and from my own guy.” – Brigid M.

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“Girls post selfies all the time, why shouldn’t a guy?” – Quinn P. 

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“Not a fan. The only acceptable gym selfie is a ‘progress’ picture… that’s not taken in public.” – Christine E. 

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“Ha! Never okay.” – Madeline B. 

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“If my boyfriend sends me a picture of him post-run or post-workout, I’m really into it because it’s between us and I love his body and that he’s healthy. But if he were to post it on social media, I wouldn’t be thrilled. It feels like a guy’s just fishing for compliments when he’s constantly flexing or showing off his abs in photos… not attractive.” – Ann S. 

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“Never okay unless you’re a celebrity or insta-famous trainer.” – Rachel D. 

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“I guess if it’s to show progression you’re proud of I can understand it, but nine times out of 10 it’s just a cry for attention.” – Nicole G. 

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“That’s a nay for me. Love a good body, but also love a little humility. Guess it would be okay to show a great transformation, but I don’t need to see one each morning with the caption #swole.” – Miranda G. 

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“Nope. Never. Please do not do this in the middle of your set, in the bathroom post-workout, and definitely not post-shower.” – Cassandra K.

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“The only time I tolerate it if it’s showing a weight loss transformation of 25+ pounds and there’s one, not a thousand. When you beat it to death, then I get annoyed.” – Sam M.

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“Not a fan. It’s not anything against guys specifically. I feel like if you’re pausing to take selfies at the gym, you’re doing it wrong.” – Erin K. 

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“I feel like male shirtless gym pics are the equivalent of teenage girl duck face selfies. No one wants to see them.” – Tina L.

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