So you’ve been working out at the gym for a while, and you can’t help but notice that there are some women around who are undeniably out-of-this-universe fit. And while you’re no slouch, you’re not quite on the same level that they are—maybe you don’t have the perfectly sculpted abs, or the *ahem* well-honed posterior chains.

Believe it or not, a lot of guys have asked us the same question in this scenario: If these ladies were single, would they even consider going out with a guy who’s not exactly on her fitness level? Or do gym goddesses demand an equally fit dude with mountain-sized shoulders and bulging biceps?

Most guys’ knee-jerk reaction is to think yes, of course she does. But when she’s looking for a partner—not just a one-night fling—do her standards and desires change?

We won’t bust the punchline. Read to see how 20 real women feel about dating a guy who’s in worse shape and maybe even “below their league,” who they’ve been with in the past, and the type of guy they’re looking for in the future.

1. “Give me a man who adores the crap out of me and I won’t think twice about whether his body fat ratio is better than mine.” – Lianne F.  

2. “Absolutely. It feels like there’s less competition for ’em.” – Alyssa M. 

3. “Probably not now, but maybe when I’m older.” – Riley G. 

4. “It would definitely depend on how bad we’re talking. I’ve always been more attracted to a lean body type, but that doesn’t always mean they’re in the best shape. I go more off physical appearance than how fast he can run.” – Laura K. 

5. “I wouldn’t date someone significantly more out of shape than me. I probably wouldn’t be attracted to that, as shallow as it sounds. But I don’t care if a guy works out as much or less than me.” – Jess Q. 

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6. “I would, and I have. Personality (among other things) matters more than looks. But obviously it’s a plus if they’re in shape. Also, if they end up actually being committed to a long-term relationship, you can just work out together.” – Adrianna E. 

7. “I don’t think I would date a person who didn’t want to be active. They don’t need a slammin’ body—but, you know, take care of yourself.” – Tara L. 

8. “Yes, but I’d much rather not.” – Lauren M.

9. “Yes—dad bods all day. I don’t want him to be too much out of shape, though. I’m talking Leo DiCaprio dad bod.” – Brianne S. 

10. “Yes, absolutely. I prefer men who aren’t vain. In fact, I actually like when they have some fluffy weight on them. I mean, after all, science does state heavier set men are the best lovers…” – Caitlin W. 

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11. “Yes, because they’re usually less self-obsessed and know how to have a good time.” – Megan N. 

12. “I’d say no, because I can’t even run a mile so the guy would have to be in pretty awful shape. I also think you can have a better relationship if you both head to the gym together and have the same mindset about excercise and eating right.” – Elizabeth F.

13. “I think it’s great if guys work out, but that’s not a top priority as long as they’re not fat.” – Heather F. 

14. “Depends, but I typically prefer someone who has the same interests and motivation in staying in shape.” – Melissa C. 

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15. “Truthfully, I’m really attracted to guys who put in gym time and have the body to prove it. But that doesn’t mean shredded abs and muscles coming out of his ears.” – Erica G. 

16. “I’ve been with guys all across the spectrum: skinny guys, super-shredded guys, ones in between. Bottom line, I’m more concerned with the personality of the guy I’m dating, not how much he can bench.” – Traci B.

17. “If his biceps aren’t the size of my head and I can’t wash my clothes on his abs, whatever—that’s totally fine. If he’s unhealthy and lazy, absolutely not.” – Quinn E. 

18. “Hell no. I need someone to push me, not discourage me.” – Dana Q. 

19. “Probably not, but it depends. If he’s willing to get fit with me, then yes.” – Anna F. 

20. “Hell yeah. Unless the guy’s really unhealthy.” – Maria W.