10 Moves She Wants You to Make During Foreplay

We spoke to real women about what gets them going, and learned that foreplay is not just a game of “grab ‘n go.” She’s dying for you to try one of these pre-sex moves on her.

10 Moves She Wants You to Make During Foreplay


3. Be Gentle

I've had a few just dive right in and try to just click away on my clit like it's a computer mouse--like first thing, before I'm even undressed. One guy got so rambunctious with his fingers that I felt like I was hooking up with Jack the Ripper. Relax, guys, it’s a turn on. –Stephanie, 28

4. Undress Me

The act of undressing a person is in itself a type of foreplay. To me, it is the hottest part of being intimate with someone. Needless to say, when a guy is too excited about the end result that I end up taking my own clothes off in haste, it is a little disappointing. –Selina, 29

5. Put Your Tongue Back in Your Mouth

Tongue is fun and can be very verrrry sexy but too much tongue is nasty. And this goes for tongue engagement across all body parts…mouth (kisses are meant to involve lips and tongue…not tongue only...don’t need to know what you ate for dinner…and lunch), ears (this also can be sexy but has the potential to go very wrong and make me feel like you’re trying to clean out my ears with your tongue), neck (neck kisses are wonderful but please don’t slobber all over me like a dog or leave hickeys post middle school…I have to go to work with that) and lastly lady parts (very important...tongue is crucial but needs to be utilized correctly). –Kelly, 26

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