“My girlfriend doesn’t seem to feel completely comfortable when we’re having sex with her on top—but I love that position. What can I do to help her enjoy it more?” — TYSON F., CLEVELAND, OHIO

“This position may feel too exposing or vulnerable for many women, but like anything else, if she focuses on her own pleasure, that should help her enjoy it,” says Dr. Michael Aaron, Ph.D., a New York City-based sex therapist.

“So you might try several things. For one, make sure she adjusts her body posture so your penis is pushing up against the top wall of her vagina—its most sensitive area, since it’s where the internal part of the clitoris may jut up against the vaginal wall. Because of this, if she leans back a bit, that will probably work better for her than if she leans in.

“Also, many women need clitoral stimulation to reach climax, so either you or she could rub her clitoris while she’s riding you.

“Go with it and see how it feels. If she enjoys the dual feeling of vaginal penetration and clitoral stimulation, she’ll naturally move in sync with what feels good.”

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