Some women (and men!) have certain rules when it comes to having sex with someone new, whether it’s no sex until the third date, no sex until monogamy, or simply no sex on the first date—period.

We know; it’s confusing. You’re tempted to test the boundaries, but worried you’ll go from wading in a kitty pool to drowning in hot water—real quick. Don’t fret. Sex toy company LoveHoney conducted a survey of 2,225 people to figure out where men and women stand when it comes to prime time for sexy time with a new partner. These results answer the age-old question: how long should I wait to have sex with a new girl?

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According to the survey, 32 percent of women wait three weeks, or until their fifth date, before slipping into bed with a new guy, the Daily Mail reports. And 15 percent admit they’d indulge in sex on a first date, compared to 26 percent of men.

Some more surprising stats: Men are more apt to mention love in the first month of dating, want their parents to meet their partner around the eighth date, and change their Facebook status to indicate their relationship change quicker than women. 

Some words of advice: don’t think at the end of three weeks you’ll have a green light to pursue any and all sexual scenarios you’ve imagined in the past month. Use this timeline as a marker to have a conversation (or many conversations, like the 7 Must-Have Talks for a Healthy Sex Life). Good luck out there. 

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