Sex Ed: The Latest Sex Studies Will Blow Your Mind

Find out if more sex will make you happier and if you're more likely to have fewer sexual partners in your lifetime than your parents.

Sex Ed: The Latest Sex Studies Will Blow Your Mind

Brace yourself for this next study’s revelation: Your parents and grandparents (depending on how old you are) will probably have more sexual partners in their lifetime than you, according to separate research published in the journal Archives of Sexual Behavior—of 33,000 U.S. adults between 1972-2012—from the General Social Survey.

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To measure the country’s shifting sexual landscape, researchers compared the average number of sexual partners among 25–year-old Boomers to today’s 25-year-olds. 

Here’s the breakdown of sexual partners per generation:
>>> Greatest Generation (1901-1924): 3 
>>> Silent Generation (1925-1945): 5
>>> Baby Boomers (1946-1964): 11
>>> Gen X (1965-1984): 10
>>> Millennial (1985-2004): 8

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So, what gives—why the dip for Millennials? Study author, Jean M. Twenge from San Diego State University, suggests Millennials may be having sex within a smaller circle of people because they’re not participating in serious dating, which could lead to more partners. It could also have to do differening attitudes about sex and life in general.  "Millennials are more accepting of premarital sex than any previous generation, yet have had fewer sexual partners than GenX'ers. This is consistent with their image as a tolerant, individualistic generation accepting others' choices and making their own," Twenge said in a release.

And to think older generations are appalled by Tinder...

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