We Asked 20 Women: What's the worst thing a guy can do after sex?

Sharpen your bedside manners so sex doesn't solely become one-night stand stints.

We Asked 20 Women: What's the worst thing a guy can do after sex?

You sailed through dinner, aced the first, second, and third date, and now find yourself naked on top of a beautiful woman. You know what'll ruin everything you just worked up to? Making one of these mistakes.

You can cross the threshold from 'genuine gentleman' to 'certifiable jerk' real quick in a woman's mind when all the getting-to-know-you courtesy is swept aside and you start sleeping together. So, do yourself (and women!) a favor and stop these awful post-sex habits. They're killing your game and drastically cutting your odds of sleeping with her again.

“When a guy says you look different with your clothes off than what he anticipated with your clothes on. What—my boobs aren't as big? Stomach not as flat?” - Olivia W.

“Bring up better sex they’ve had with another woman.” - Alicia E. 

“Leave you to clean up on your own.” - Ava T. 

“I used to date a guy who would shower immediately after sex and it always made me feel like I was dirty, or he wanted to wash me off of him.” - Isabelle O. 

“The worst thing a guy can do after sex is act like it didn’t happen. Sometimes guys will come off as super distant after… it’s uncomfortable to say the least.” - Cora J. 

“Go straight to sleep.” - Riley P. 

“Leave.” - Charlotte F. 

“Immediately fall asleep.” - Zoe J. 

“Kick you out or suggest you leave.” - Emily G. 

“Leave you hanging if you didn’t climax.” - Madison D. 

“Break up with you.” - Michelle B. 

“Say he has work early in the morning…” - Nora A. 

“Dive into all the reasons he couldn’t come and how this 'never happens to him.' I know how penises work (and don't work). Relax." - Allison Q. 

“Asking how he was. That’s the worst.” - Anna F. 

“Roll over and ignore you.” - Caroline M. 

“Not cuddle.” - Natalie V. 

“Fart. This has happened to me way too many times.” - Anastasia K. 

“Talk about an ex-girlfriend.” - Mollie D. 

“Ask: 'When’s the last time you shaved?'” - Jessica A.

“I can’t stand when a guy picks up his phone and starts scrolling through social media while we’re both still naked.” - Christine C.

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