Abs and Core Exercises

10 Best Cable Exercises for Your Core

Hit your abs from every angle with these 10 core-carving cable exercises.



Cable Push-Pull

On a cable-crossover machine, set the cable handles to chest height, grab both handles and stand so you’re facing one weight stack and your back is facing the other stack. The front arm should be extended forward and the back hand at your side. Simultaneously punch forward with the back hand and pull front hand to side. Keep your shoulders and torso still.

Anthony says: Your spine stays neutral throughout while your abs and obliques work hard to stabilize your body and move your arms.

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Horizontal Wood Chop

Set the cable machine to chest-height. Grab the D-handle with both hands, arms extended, and stand in a split-stance perpendicular to the machine. Turn your shoulders and hips at the same time, while keeping your arms straight throughout. Pivot your feet and twist your hips as your move the cable to the side.

Anthony says: The wood chop is a great, dynamic core exercise that builds rotational power while keeping your lower back safe.

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Cable Chop

Kneeling Anti-Rotational Chop with Rope

Get on both knees and set a rope attachment above your head. While facing perpendicular to the cable, grab the rope at both ends (so one arm is at the base and the other at the top). Diagonally drag the bar or rope downward across your body. Lock out the arm farthest away and push forward with the arm closest to the machine. Finish your reps on one side and switch sides.

Anthony says: Exercises that move diagonally like cable chops strengthen the abdominal “slings” that stretch from your right chest to your left hip and vice versa, which are critical when throwing, running, or swinging a club. 

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