Abs and Core Exercises

50 Core Exercises That Use a Ball

Get 6-pack abs with these medicine, slam and stability ball exercises.

50 Core Exercises That Use a Ball

14. Stability Ball: Glute Bridges

Lying on your back, bend your knees and rest your heels on top of the stability ball. Place your arms on the floor by your sides. Dig your feet into the ball while you press your hips high up, creating a plane from shoulders to knees. Lower the hips down and repeat.

15. Stability Ball: Hamstring Curls

Get into the glute bridge position, flat on your back, arms by your sides, knees bent, heels on the stability ball. Press yourself up so that your hips are level with your shoulders and knees. Roll your legs out straight on the ball, then curl your legs back in, keeping your hips high and your knees together. Repeat.

16. Stability Ball: Reverse Hyper

Lie face down with your belly button centered on the stability ball and your hands on the floor for balance. Squeeze the glutes to raise both legs up off the floor, slightly hyperextending at the low back. Lower down but don’t touch the feet to the ground. Repeat.

17. Stability Ball: Cobras

Lie with your sternum on top of the stability ball, your legs out long behind you, toes resting on the floor. With your arms by your sides, engage through the core and back to lift your chest up and open, as if you’re trying to peel it back off the ball. Lower down and repeat.

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18. Medicine Ball: Russian Twists

Sit on the floor, holding the ball in both hands. Lean your torso back from the hips so it approaches 45 degrees from the floor. With bent knees, keep your heels dug into the floor (easier) or lift them up to hover (harder). Start with the ball to one hip. Keeping your torso square and shoulders broad, slowly bring the ball from one hip to the other, and back. Repeat.

19. Medicine Ball: Pass Plank

Come into a straight-arm plank with the ball under one hand. Carefully roll the ball to the other hand, taking care to keep the hips level and avoid rocking. Keep passing back and forth.

20. Medicine Ball: Wood Choppers

Lift a heavy medicine ball up overhead in both hands. With soft knees and straight arms, bring the ball down in front of you and between your knees, while sending your hips back in a half-squat. Stand up while sending the ball back overhead. Repeat.