Abs and Core Exercises

50 Core Exercises That Use a Ball

Get 6-pack abs with these medicine, slam and stability ball exercises.

50 Core Exercises That Use a Ball

28. Medicine Ball: Reverse Crunches

From your back, raise your legs up toward the ceiling and hold a ball between your knees. With control, lift up your hips, sending feet closer to the ceiling, then lower the hips down. Repeat.

29. Medicine Ball: Wall-Ball Twists

Sit on the floor with your side to the wall, knees bent. Hold a medicine ball in both hands and lean your torso back; start by bringing the ball across your waist to the hip away from the wall, then bring the ball to the other side and bounce it off the wall, catching it on the rebound. Do one side for half the time, then switch sides.

30. Medicine Ball: Lateral Heel Taps

Sit down on the floor with knees slightly bent. Place the ball on the floor between your feet. Pick your feet up (leaving the ball where it is) and bring your feet together, hovering in midair. Tap your heels to the floor on either side of the ball, back and forth. Make it harder by pinching the ball between your feet and tapping the ball on the floor instead.

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31. Medicine Ball: Standing Figure 8s

Stand holding a heavy medicine ball. Extend your arms straight out in front of you and trace sideways figure 8s in the air. Change directions halfway through the time.

32. Medicine Ball: Straight-Leg Crunches

Lie on the floor holding a medicine ball. Send your feet up to the sky, legs slightly apart. Crunch up and bring the ball between your legs.

33. Medicine Ball: Around the Worlds

Lie on your back with a medicine ball. Have your knees bent with feet on the floor (level one) or feet hovering over the floor (level two), or legs out at a 45-degree angle (level three). Make a big circles with your arms and torso, taking the ball out overhead, to the side, down toward your legs, and back. Do one direction, the switch halfway through the time.

34. Medicine Ball: Leg Lift with Hip Rotation

On your back, pinch a medicine ball between your feet. Extend legs long and 45 degrees off the floor and rotate your feet with the ball from east-west to north-south (as if you’re turning a steering wheel with your feet) and back again.