Abs and Core Exercises

50 Core Exercises That Use a Ball

Get 6-pack abs with these medicine, slam and stability ball exercises.

50 Core Exercises That Use a Ball

42. Slam Ball: Side Rotary Wall Slams

Stand facing away from the wall holding a slam ball out in front of you. Quickly and with force, rotate 90 degrees to one side toward the wall to slam the ball into it. Catch it on the rebound and repeat to one side for time, then switch.

43. Slam Ball: Side-to-Side Rotary Slams 

Holding a slam ball in front of you, stand with your back to a wall. Take turns turning your torso to slam the ball into the wall behind you, catching the ball and alternating each side.

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44. Slam Ball: Half-Kneeling Slam Chop

Come to a half-kneel holding a slam ball. Starting with the ball in front of your back leg, lift it up, overhead, and slam it down on the other side of the front knee. Catch it on the bounce and repeat to one side for time before switching to the other.

45. Slam Ball: Slam-Ball Burpees

Hold a slamball in both hands while you perform burpees: Drop down to a plank with hands on the ball, do a pushup, jump your feet in, and jump up, bringing the ball overhead. Repeat.

46. Slam Ball: Balancing Rowers

Perch yourself atop a slam ball on your butt, so you’re in a boat pose with your torso and thighs forming a V, knees bent, and arms extended and parallel to the ground. Extend your legs out long while leaning back with your torso, then bring your knees in toward your chest, keeping arms in the same place—it should feel a little like the action of a rowing machine. Repeat.