Abs and Core Exercises

50 Core Exercises That Use a Ball

Get 6-pack abs with these medicine, slam and stability ball exercises.

50 Core Exercises That Use a Ball

47. Slam Ball: Roll-ups

Start flat on your back, holding a slam ball with arms fully extended over your head and legs straight on the floor. Brace through your abs to slowly peel your body up off the floor, keeping the ball high above your head the whole time (harder) or bringing it out overhead then toward your toes (easier). Reverse the motion to return to flat. Repeat.

48. Slam Ball: Rainbows

Stand holding a heavy slam ball to the side of one hip. In a sweeping arc, take the ball high up and overhead to the other side of your body, without twisting your torso or un-squaring your shoulders. Arc it back to the other side. Repeat.

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49. Slam Ball: Punching Ball

Sit on the floor with your knees slightly bent, slam ball held firmly between your feet. Lie back on the floor. Sit up, and perform a light, quick jab-cross at the ball. Lie back down. Repeat.

50. Slam Ball: Diaper Toss

Standing with feet wider than shoulder width, hold a heavy slam ball in your hands in front of you. Do a sumo squat, letting the ball come down between your legs, then quickly stand and underhand toss the ball high up overhead. Catch it underhand so you can repeat.