Workout Plans
28 Days to Massive Arms Workout Program thumbnail

Day 1 : Back

Duration 45 min
Exercises 5
Equipment Yes

Exercise 1

One-Arm Deadstop Row How to
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3 sets
8 (each side) reps
60 sec rest
Place one hand on a bench for support and hold a dumbbell in the opposite hand. Stagger your legs and bend your torso so it’s parallel to the floor. Row the dumbbell to your hip and then lower it with control until it rests on the floor. Pause and repeat.

Exercise 2

Lat Pulldown You'll need: Adjustable Cable Machine, Lat Pulldown Bar How to
Lat Pulldown thumbnail
3 sets
10-12 reps
60 sec rest
*Grasp the handle with hands outside shoulder width and pull it to your collarbone. Drive your elbows down and back, and allow the weight to pull you slightly forward and stretch your lats at the top of the lift.

Exercise 3

Smith Machine Bent-Over Row How to
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3 sets
12, 10, 8 reps
60 sec rest
*Grasp the bar in a Smith machine at shoulder width. Bend your hips back until your torso is parallel to the floor. Row the weight to your belly.

Exercise 4

Dumbbell Shrug You'll need: Dumbbells How to
Dumbbell Shrug thumbnail
2 sets
15 reps
60 sec rest
*Hold a dumbbell in each hand and shrug your shoulders as high as you can. Take three seconds to lower the weight on each rep.

Exercise 5

Barbell Deadlift You'll need: Barbell How to
Barbell Deadlift thumbnail
3 sets
6 reps
90 sec rest
*Stand with feet hip-width apart and bend your hips back. Grasp the bar just outside your knees and, keeping your lower back in its natural arch, drive your heels into the floor to raise the weight up until you’re standing tall with hips locked out.