Arm Exercises

Add More Size to Your Tris

Try these highly effective moves to build a bigger pair of sweeping triceps.

Add More Size to Your Tris

You know what makes a truly impressive arm? One that can simply hang down…unflexed…and still look as if it belongs on a gorilla, rather than on a human. That look does not come about from having huge biceps, but from having thick, meaty, triceps. More specifically, it comes from a highly developed inner (or long) triceps head. This is the head of the triceps responsible for that “sweep” under the biceps in a front biceps pose, and the dramatic thickness on the back of the upper arm seen in a back lat-spread pose. 

Ok, so what is required to achieve a pair of “sweeping” triceps? Intelligent, targeted training. Just like it takes specific movements to force more brachialis than biceps recruitment, it takes certain types of triceps exercises to get more inner head activation.

Key to Building Sweeping Triceps

The key lies in choosing exercises that force the elbows up by the ears throughout the movement. EMG studies have shown that this is the optimal arm positioning to utilize when looking for the strongest activation of inner (long) triceps head fibers.

On the next page are three of the most effective “sweep-producing” triceps movements around, and how to perform them.

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