Arm Exercises

Matt Kroczaleski's Arm Workout

Pyramid to a pump with M&F’s resident iron game lunatic

Matt Kroczaleski's Arm Workout

MuscleTech-sponsored athlete Matt Kroczaleski, one of the strongest powerlifters in history, has taken his talents to the bodybuilding stage—and if his new physique is any indication, his training methods are right on point. “Kroc,” known for the insane hardcore intensity of his now-infamous garage workouts, relies on more volume than most to get his arms growing.

His program takes several basic movements, which he works in a pyramid-style rep scheme, and then adds a unique twist: a triple dropset (TDS) performed as the last set of each exercise. To do this, decrease the weight by 20–25% for each successive dropset without rest. Then grind out three quick sets to failure without resting. “This will force a ton of blood into your arms,” Kroczaleski says, “stretching thefascia and allowing room for new muscle growth to occur.”

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