Arm Exercises

Pump Up Some Expendable-Sized Arms

Give your guns some serious ammo with this intense superset routine.


Superset 3

Warm up, then perform three working sets.

Set 1 - light weight – 12-15 reps
Set 2 - medium weight – 8-10 reps
Set 3 - heavy weight – 6-8 reps

Weighted Dips

-Using a dipping bar and using a dipping belt attach a weight you are comfortable with, and ensure your hands are parallel to each other.
-Push yourself upwards and lock out the arms, then lower yourself down and go past the 90 degree and angle then repeat the movement.
*This is a great exercise to develop the thickness of the triceps.

Superset with Weighted Under-Arm Pull-ups

-Using the dipping belt attach a weight you can handle to the belt. With an underhand grip grasp the handles of the pull up bar (hands shoulder width apart), and without swinging use your bicep muscles to elevate your body upwards.
-Your chin should be level with your hands at the top of the movement.
-Allow yourself to come back down slowly ensuring the arms are fully extended on the way down.

Superset 4 >>

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