Chest Exercises

15 Minutes to Bigger Pecs

Crunched for time on chest day? Use this 15-minute, all-cables routine to net a huge pump and keep your growth on track.

15 Minutes to Bigger Pecs

The Exercises

Cable Press/Crossover Superset

- Adjust the pulleys so that they're slightly above shoulder height and grasp stirrup handles with your palms facing down.
- Center yourself between the weight stacks, take one step forward and lean at the waist 15-30 degrees with your knees slightly bent.
- In a motion mimicking that of a dumbbell press, push the handles out in front of you and together, holding the contraction for a count before returning to the start position.
- After 10-12 reps, hold your stance, straighten your torso so that it's roughly perpendicular to the floor and begin with your elbows slightly bent.
- Maintaining this arm position, pull your hands together in front of your chest and cross the handles over one another for full contraction. Do 10-12 of these, and that's one set.

Low Pulley Cable Crossover

- This time slide the pulleys all the way down the rail and assume the same stance as in the previous exercises, except with your palms facing up.
- Keeping your elbows slightly bent and in a fixed position, pull your hands together in front of your chest and squeeze your pecs at the top.
- Return to the start position and repeat.

Straight-arm Cable Pulldown

- Stand facing the weight stack and grab a high pulley rope attachment with both hands.
- With your knees and arms slightly bent and your torso at about a 45-degree angle to the floor (bending over at your waist), pull your hands to your thighs, keeping your elbows stationary.
- Return to the start position without letting the weight rest on the stack, and repeat.