Workout Plans
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Per Bernal
Per Bernal

Day 3 : Exhaust

Exercises 3
Equipment Yes

Exercise 1

Incline Barbell Bench Press You'll need: Barbell, Bench How to
Incline Barbell Bench Press thumbnail
5 sets
5 reps
2.5 min rest
Add weight each set until you’re working with the heaviest possible load you can on your fifth set.

Exercise 2

Guillotine Press
exercise image placeholder
3 sets
8-10 reps
2 min rest

Exercise 3

Bodyweight Dip You'll need: Dip Station How to
Bodyweight Dip thumbnail
3 sets
8-10 reps
2 min. rest
Tilt your body slightly forward to better target your chest. If 8–10 reps are too easy, add weight.