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Per Bernal
Per Bernal

Follow this program for six weeks and you’ll outgrow all your shirts.

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There are some problems you want to have, like being irresistible to women or making more money than you know how to spend. For lifters, one of these is not being able to find shirts that fit. Having an upper body that’s so broad that no tee can contain it is a satisfying confirmation that you’re making progress in your workouts—and that you’re not like those prissy models you see in clothing ads on whom even a size small looks baggy.

In six weeks, we can help you add up to 2" to your chest, solving one problem and creating another. On the one hand, you’ll never have to worry about your physique not showing through your clothes again. On the other, every shirt you try on will be skintight.

But you don’t mind, do you?

How it works

To build up your chest you’ll prioritize it by performing three different workouts per week. You can fit your other training in the same sessions, but do it after your chest work or on separate days (and go easy on shoulder work—you’ll target them plenty just by focusing on your chest).

Each workout will work to hit different muscle fibers, which leads to complete pec growth and development: Speed bench presses, done with light weight for maximum velocity, target your most explosive muscle fibers and will also help you lift more weight, as you’ll learn to push past sticking points.

Apart from speed work, you’ll do slow, heavy lifts that keep the muscles under tension for a while, inducing exhaustion that results in extensive muscle growth. Finally, you’ll emphasize the eccentric (read: lowering) portion of your reps on a flye movement done with sliding discs on the floor. (You can also use furniture sliders, available in hardware stores.) This turns conventional chest flyes into a gymnastics-type movement, recruiting more muscle and intensifying the contraction in your pecs more directly than you’ve ever felt it before.


Frequency: Perform each workout once per week, resting at least a day between each session. Follow this pattern for six weeks.

How to do it: Alternate sets of exercises that are paired (marked “A” and “B”). So you’ll do one set of A, rest, then B, rest, and repeat. All other exercises are done as straight sets.

Nutrition: Follow the M&F Food Pyramid to gain weight accordingly.

Weeks 1-6