Chest Exercises

Supersize Your Chest With a Super-Efficient Workout

Use a new approach to build pecs like the greatest bodybuilder of all-time

Supersize Your Chest With a Super-Efficient Workout

Do the bench press last. Benching first thing means you’ll always go heavy, and that forces your tendons and ligaments to take on much of the load. To maximize pec growth, you have to make these muscles do most of the work. By placing the bench press last in the workout, you’ll be fatigued by the time you get to it. You’ll have to use less weight, but the stimulus to your pecs will be greater. It also means you will be fully warmed up, so your training will be safer.

Use different angles. The incline and decline benches you commonly find in gyms are too steep, putting strain on your joints and rotator cuffs when pressing, as well as too much emphasis on your front delts. Instead of doing an incline press at a 45-degree angle as you’re used to, try working at 20 to 25 degrees.

Do higher reps. Arnold generally kept his reps in the six to 12 range, but reps as high as 25 to 30 can also produce growth. To prevent form from breaking down during such a long set, you’ll make use of the Smith machine. Drop sets will also be employed so you feel a searing burn in your chest—a sign that you’ve worked every muscle fiber to exhaustion.