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4 Biggest Squatting Myths

There's no one size fits all when it comes to squatting. Don't let these "rules" hinder your progress.

Myth 3: “Butt wink kills the lower back

“Butt wink” refers to the pelvis beginning to tuck under at certain points in the squat. Many lifters and coaches avoid squatting below parallel due to the fear of this happening and causing an injury over time. The truth is, it depends on the severity of the wink, and whether there are other factors that are influencing its occurrence in the first place. Check out the video to see me break down the details of what’s good, and what’s not.

Myth 4: Look Up, to keep your back straight and target your finish

When performing an exercise, a silent killer to your spine health is to look up while lifting. All exercises are best performed with a neutral spine. In the case of the squat, that would mean slightly tucking the chin and focusing in front of you around knee level. Looking up may encourage a tall spine, but the cervical extension you’re putting your spine through while bearing load is less than desirable.

Learn how to keep your chest up and back desirably arched while the head is positioned neutrally. As a bonus, a neutral spine encourages proper nerve conduction from the spinal cord with no impingement. That means the potential for you to use all of your available muscle fibers is raised.

The human body differs from person to person, so you can’t expect the same cues to work for everyone. As far as the above four cues go, following them like they’re written in stone can only set you up for an early plateau. Take the sensible route instead and do what works best for you, while keeping your safety in check.

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