Leg Exercises

Cardio Leg Slam

Kick boredom with this thighs-and-cardio workout combo designed to build strength and power and burn off pounds of bodyfat.

Cardio Leg Slam

To the Max

Our cardio/leg attack focuses on fat loss. By pairing your biggest bodypart with cardio, you take advantage of the elevated calorie burn associated with working the largest muscles in the body at very high intensities. And combining your cardio and leg training is a faster and more innovative way to do a leg workout. How does 850 calories over 60 minutes for a 200-pound man sound? Not to mention an extra 1,000 calories over the next two days due to the increased metabolic rate. This routine isn'’t just an easy way to cover legs and cardio -- it'’s a tough workout. It doesn't include high-rep, lightweight sets or long-duration, low-intensity cardio. Are you training to look like a marathon runner? Of course not, so say goodbye to your hypnotic, high-volume, low-intensity training sessions. It'’s time to up the ante.

Power Plan

The key to the cardio/leg routine is compound moves that hit several large lower-body muscle groups at once. The weight is heavy with a lower rep scheme than you typically use. Cardio interval training takes advantage of maximum stimulus and calorie-burning potential. Plus, we throw in some power-conditioning moves to cap off this ultra-efficient array of exercises. Your workout starts with a cardio warm-up (10 minutes), moves to alternating sets of squats and deadlifts (15 minutes), back to cardio for intense sprint intervals (15 minutes), feet-together bounds and squat-jumps (5-10 minutes) and then finishes with a cardio cool-down (10 minutes). The session should take no more than 60 minutes.

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