Leg Exercises

Cardio Leg Slam

Kick boredom with this thighs-and-cardio workout combo designed to build strength and power and burn off pounds of bodyfat.

Cardio Leg Slam

Warm-Up Cardio

Ten minutes of light- to moderate-intensity activity (50%-60% of your maximum heart rate, or MHR) raises your heart rate and core body temperature and causes you to break a light sweat. Take your pulse for six seconds and multiply by 10 to compute your heart rate. Physiologically, this easy warm-up helps you avoid premature fatigue. If you forgo warming up, you're more likely to produce too much lactic acid early in the workout. As a result, your second-half performance will suffer.

Squats and Deadlifts

Now it'’s time to stimulate those hard-to-hit fast-twitch muscle fibers. Alternate between sets of barbell squats and romanian deadlifts, completing three sets total of each exercise. Perform only 6-–8 reps per set -- choose a weight with which you reach failure in this range. Start off with either squats or deadlifts (your choice), complete the first set, then rest for 90 seconds before proceeding to the other exercise. We know 90 seconds isn'’t much rest when doing 6-–8 reps, but we'’re on the clock here. (If you have more time, go ahead and extend the rest to two minutes or longer.) As you perform your second and third sets, take precautions to avoid injury: Reduce the weight slightly if required and always use a spotter! Continue to alternate between exercises until you complete three sets of each.


Jog for one minute to orient yourself, then increase the treadmill speed until you'’re sprinting hard (or running fast). Keep up this pace for one minute, then slow down to a jog or walk for one minute. Do this seven times total (for 14 minutes plus one minute for your orientation jog) and you'’ve burned a ton of calories in just 15 minutes. Step off the treadmill carefully and revel in the metabolic fire that burns inside you for about a minute.

Plyometric Jumps

To further stimulate any muscle fibers still able to fire, we have two power-conditioning exercises that literally get you jumping. Start with the feet-together bound (three sets of five consecutive bounds, 60 seconds of rest between sets), followed by the squat-jump (three sets of 10 jumps, 60 seconds of rest between sets).

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