Leg Exercises

Cardio Leg Slam

Kick boredom with this thighs-and-cardio workout combo designed to build strength and power and burn off pounds of bodyfat.

Cardio Leg Slam

Final Tips

- This workout was designed with the intermediate athlete in mind. Beginners should select either squats or deadlifts (alternate these two exercises from workout to workout) and choose one of the two power moves (feet-together bounds or squat-jumps). Advanced trainees may add up to three more sprint intervals, increasing the amount of high-intensity cardio performed.

- During your first several workouts, you might feel as though you can barely run on the treadmill after squats and deadlifts, let alone sprint. Don'’t give up. Move at an intensity that you can handle for the sprint intervals. You may find it helpful to walk between sprints, working your way up to a slow jog several weeks into the program.

- And finally, perform alternating sets of squats and deadlifts (rather than straight sets) for time efficiency. You can move into the next set more quickly because the working muscles and recruitment patterns are different and therefore require less recovery time. Just don'’t get overzealous and try to superset -- you need at least 60 seconds of recovery to drive heavy poundage in each set. Got all that? Now you'’re prepped and ready to go for your bodyfat-burning, calorie-annihilation session.

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