Leg Exercises

Extreme Afterburn Leg Workout

Tackle this muscle building leg workout to burn calories and boost your testosterone.

Extreme Afterburn Leg Workout

M&Fer’s are always looking for a leg routine to build solid muscle. In this video, Mike Chang of Six Pack Shortcuts presents a leg workout, using only a barbell with ten-pound plates on each side.

Chang’s high intensity training video will burn a significant amount of calories and build lean muscle. If you want a full explanation on the science behind afterburn or why workouts like this help you build muscle faster, check out the video below:

Workout Breakdown

- Set Time: 30 seconds of 3 exercises in a row.
- Rest Time: 30 seconds between sets.
- Weights: Find a weight that allows you to complete the entire set without rest. Lower the weight during the set if necessary to complete the set. You can use a bar, dumbbells or your body weight.
- Number of sets: 4 rounds of each exercise.


- Ass to Ground Squats
- Skis
- Step Ups

Want to learn more about the Afterburn Effect?  Be sure to check out more from Mike Chang at Sixpackshortcuts.com.

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