Leg Exercises

Giant Sets for Giant Legs

Develop bigger and stronger quads, hamstrings and calves with this giant set leg workout.

Giant Sets for Giant Legs


3 sets: 10-12 reps

Stand with torso straight and legs shoulder width apart.

Use an overhand grip with your palms facing down on the bar.

  • Lift the barbell up and stop just below your knees.

  • When lifting the barbell, dig your heels into the floor to feel the stretch in your hamstrings.

  • Slowly bring the weight back down to start position.

TIP: To get a better stretch when bringing the barbell back down try standing on a platform.


3 set: 10-12 reps

Once the bar is loaded step under it and bring arms up under the bar while keeping elbows high.

  • Rest the bar on top of the deltoids.

  • Lift the bar off the rack by first pushing with your legs and straightening your torso.

  • Keep head up and feet shoulder width (or wider) apart with toes pointed slightly outwards.

  • Maintain a straight back as you come down, while slowly bending knees until just above 90 degrees. 

  • Slowly come back up to start position.

TIP: The front squat is sometimes preferred to the back squat as it helps maintain better back posture.  

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