Leg Exercises

Quad Squad: The Squat and Leg Press

Squat and leg press your way to seriously jacked quads.


Squat Benefits

  • Greater hip range of motion (ROM) enhances hamstring and glute development.

  • Increased stabilizer and assistant muscle involvement improves overall strength and mass.

  • Hip adductor (inner thigh) involvement contributes to overall leg size.

  • No specialized equipment or apparatus required.

  • More bang for the buck: You target several leg and torso muscles with one exercise.

Leg Press Benefits

  • Leg press apparatus provides proper positioning and safety.

  • Maximal weight can be used to overload the target muscle group (quads).

  • Minimal stabilizer and assistant muscle involvement increases emphasis on the quads.

  • Limited involvement of glutes and hamstrings leads to concentrated quad development.

  • Foot plate allows you to shift the emphasis on the leg muscles by changing foot position.

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