Leg Exercises

Simple & Effective Calf Training

To maximize calf development, the key is to keep it simple.


Calf Training Tips

To further increase the effectiveness of your calf training, below are a few helpful hints:

  • Do between 15 and 20 reps per set. Legs muscles tend to benefit from higher reps than do muscles of the upper body.
  • Try to achieve the fullest range of motion possible -– stretch all the way down at the bottom, and come right up on your toes at the top. Calf muscles generally work mostly in the mid range, so full range movements tend to create a very good response.
  • Schedule your calf training like you would any other bodypart and give them your full attention. A few sets done offhandedly before or after the rest of your workout won'’t create the kind of response you'’re looking for. Set aside time for your calves just as you would for your chest or biceps.
  • Train your calves as often as you like. Generally, you can do calf training in every workout, although you might find it less advantageous to work and therefore tire them immediately before doing heavy leg work, especially barbell squats.
  • Think about doing calf exercises without wearing highly-supportive athletic shoes. If you train your calves wearing softer shoes or just wearing socks, you muscles have to do all the work without the aid of the spring-like structure of athletic footwear.

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