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Sled Conditioning - Without the Sled!

No sled, no worries! Check out our innovative workout.

Sled Conditioning - Without the Sled!

Your conditioning program is not complete without exercises that tax the whole body, and not having access to a Prowler or a traditional weight sled is no excuse for not getting it done. Enter treadmill pushing, a simple but effective group of exercises performed with the one piece of equipment found in virtually every commercial gym in the world…unplugged.

“Prowlers and treadmill pushing are pretty similar,” says Keir Wenham-Flatt, a London-based trainer. “With treadmill pushing and with the Prowler, you get whole-body tension, and great energy systems work.”

The setup is straightforward. Instead of weight plates stacked on a sled, the belt of the powered-down treadmill provides the resistance.

Lactic acid tolerance training is another benefit of treadmill pushing, according to Wenham-Flatt. “Since your legs are responsible for keeping the belt moving,” he says, “you get a ton of lactic acid buildup. With the whole-body tension, there’s nowhere for that lactic acid to go.”

Try these treadmill pushing variations in your next conditioning workout, either at intervals—60 seconds high intensity (fast) followed by 30 seconds low intensity—or as a finisher: three minutes as hard as you can manage.

All variations are performed with the power turned off. Don’t worry about damaging the equipment, either. In two years of steady use with clients (including many pro Rugby players), he says he’s never damaged a machine.

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